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Welcome! is a resource for all styles of Karate. You’ll find Karate video clips and Karate pictures to learn all the techniques and moves from our online tutorial, using movies and photos.

Karate Training Articles

In our forthcoming series about how to learn and teach(!) Karate, we are presenting articles and tutorials for new and advanced students alike. New articles include Counting in Karate and Karate Partner Training Guidelines, a useful resource especially for new Karate students.

Karate Online Video Tutorial

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Our first completed section is our video tutorial on how to tie a Karate belt! Please use the links on the left.

For our Karate tutorial, we have taped quite a bit of footage and will post video clips of Karate moves and techniques here, including Katas, basic techniques and self-defense moves.

Each movie is accompanied with export tuition from a highly respected, award-winning 5th Dan Karate instructor. We are adding new Karate quicktime movies every day. Bookmark this site now!

Karate Forums

We have completed our Karate Forums project and it works great! Our aim is to create a communication channel for the world-wide Karate community, regardless of style and skill level. Exchange views, tips, experiences in our super fast and easy-to-use discussion forum system. Registration is free! Check out the All-Karate forums now.

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