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Wado-Ryu Karate

Wado-Ryu Karate was developed by Otsuka Hironori and is one of the four main styles of
Japanese karate. Hironori used his knowledge of Shotokan karate, Jujutsu, grappling and Tai Sabaki (Body Movement) to form his own style. Wado-ryu karate does not practice many of the body toughening exercises common to other styles of karate, preferring rather to use Tai Sabaki to evade attacks.

Origin of Wado-Ryu: Japan

Founder of Wado Ryu: Otsuka Hironori in 1930

Otsuka Hironori Wado-Ryu Karate

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  1. Owen Johnston said:

    It’s interesting to note that Ohtsuka-sensei also reportedly studied under Kenwa sensei (founder of Shito ryu Karate) and Ueshiba O’Sensei (founder of Aikido). In Wado ryu, kata generally use the Okinawan names (Kushanku as opposed to Kanku).

  2. ranjith said:

    i’ve been studying karate for the past 19 years and have found it very interesting that wado karate has helped me understand the body movements and its limitations better.

  3. sunder said:

    osu!!! to martial world those who practie martial art wado ryu is a beautiful style to practice i practice wado for 11 yrs

  4. aaron fagan said:

    I have been a fan of martial arts all my life and have even tried it myself, but being desabled i find it hard as my tendens are tight. Wado Ryu is impressive but i’m still tring to find an art that doesnt require much leg work more hands.

  5. Mike Bevins said:

    I studied Goju for years and loved it until I met Tatsuo Suzuki and found a new world in body movement. My fighting improved tremendously and I became very confident in Wado. It changed my life and opened so many new doors for me!

  6. Curtis Hart said:

    The more I study the history of Wado Ryu, the more i see places my sensei has already been. OSU! Owen-Sensei!

  7. Ken G Wylson said:

    I have studied Martial Arts for Many years, training in many Ryu, from Muay Thai, Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Atemi Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Aikido and Ashihara karate. I have just recently discovered Wado Ryu and even though the Main style I practice and Teach Ashihara, gets it lineage from Kyukoshin, there are more similarities to Wado Ryu, I look forward for my journey through Wado Ryu and hope I may be able to practice my two arts without any interference as the Kata are different so this is a problem and the use of Sabaki is used in both. Domo gasimashita to Ashihara O Sensei and Hironori O Sensei for creating such arts.

  8. Lampard08 said:

    wado ryu!


  9. mikestir said:

    i have been doing Wado Kai and i find wado-ryu is not as good as wado kai

  10. backstreetracer97 said:

    For those who can attended on Nov 1st Katzuca Ohtsuka, will be in Salt Lake City at Sugar house DOJO to do a siminar. Hope to see you there. He is the Grandchild of Master Ohtsaka

  11. daniel said:

    I’m moving to Ft Lewis, WA in march. My son is a JR. Black in Wado Ryu. I’m looking for a school nearby.

  12. san no ya said:

    Can we please clarify the wado history. Otsuka sensei did not study ‘shotokan’ but he did study with Funakoshi prior to Funakoshi’s Okinawan style became shotokan. He also studied with Kenwa Mabuni and Choki Motobu to develop a stronger method of attack for his wado ryu. Otsuka’s history is one of Shindo Yoshin Ryu, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu of long swordsmanship techniques and Toda Ryu of short sword techniques, his wado movements will reflect this.

    Wado ryu is a Japanese style as distinct from Okinawa style.

  13. Elliot Smith said:

    I have been doing wado-ryu karate for 2 months and I find it a very efficient martial art as it envolves envasion. But I am also very keen to start another style of karate but I don’t know of any other clubs near me in east sussex can someone advise me.

  14. lhlehoobmj said:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! ekaktqynqpfar

  15. carroteater said:

    i’m new to karate and i wasjust wondering what the biggest differences between the 5 styles are. please make it a distinct difference and organized.


  16. MICHAEL.Sunder T Phade said:

    Ous!This is realy something very great that sensei OTSUKA
    DID THIS .I cant tell how this karate is helping me .Am here in Rwanda doing it but how can be attached 2 some body who can atleast up lifts me and 2 keep conected?
    ma aim is 2 keep the spilt of sensei continuosly ok.

  17. HUSIN TAN said:

    i have been learn wado ryu for about 20 years in Indonesia Batam island .so iwant to know about wado very deeply,if you from same ryu please contact me and we can change experience i wait you sempei osh……………

  18. Cheyenne said:

    umm… i want to take karate but i can’t find a place to take it.

  19. Paul said:

    I’m trying to find film or pictures. Has anyone seen or know from the Sugar House dojo, film some one else took or pictures I might have left of my Hawaii vacation, Hawaiian punch ceremony with about 20 to 65,000 natives.

  20. sid mackeigan said:

    i am a black belt in chito ryu i joined a club that teach wado kai i find it faster and more powerfull i wish i would have takenas a young man thanks sid

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