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Shito-Ryu Karate

Shito-Ryu Karate was developed by Kenwa Mabuni (1890-1954), an Okinawan karate master who studied both the styles of Naha-Te (which developed into Gojuryu Karate) and Shuri-Te (which developed into Shorinryu). Shito Ryu was formed by the combination of the kata and techniques of these two styles. Mr Mabuni combined japanese syllables of his two main teachers, Ankoh Itosu (of Shuri-Te) and Kanryo Higaonna (Naha-Te) to honor them when he developed his own style, Shito-Ryu, which he started to teach when he moved to Osaka, Japan.

Characteristic for Shito-Ryu Karate are the square-on stances and linear strikes. Traditional Okinawan weapons are also taught in the Shito-Ryu style of karate.

Sensei Fumio Demura - Shito Ryu

Shihan Fumio Demura

The most famous exponent of Shito Ryu is Fumio Demura, a student of Ryusho Sakagami, who himself was a student of Kenwa Mabuni. Fumio Demura popularised and introduced the style to the world. Today, he is the chief instructor of Shito-Ryu Karate Do Genbu-Kai, and lives in the United States.

Mr Demura has written several books – on both Shito-Ryu Karate and traditional Okinawan martial arts weapons. Martial arts weapons that Demura has written about include the Sai, Nunchaku and Tonfa.

Origin of Shito Ryu: Okinawa

Founder of Shito Ryu: Mabuni Kenwa

Popularised by: Fumio Demura

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  1. Zach Irving said:

    My name is Zach. I am a member of Shito Ryu (yellow belt), and I think this is a really good website. I have met Sensei Demura, and I think this is true.

  2. Israel Soto Salcido said:

    Hi there, I am mexican, I have been training karate for 5 years, I al most be black belt, so, I think the shiro tyu is one of the reals karate, i mean, can be used in real life for defense, I hope mett anothers Karatekas from thew world.. Ozz. my email is

    - jobe kore dojo, jibi kore dojo.

  3. Meen prasad pokhrel said:

    Dear sir .

    I live in Nepal . Iam a senior karate coach aswell as international karate player. siir i am so much eager to attend the any seminar which will be held in your country . so sir irequest to you for invitation for me, soon

    iam looking forwards to your good response. soon


    Meen Prasad pokhrel From Nepal

  4. Robert said:

    Hi, regarding Demura and Shito-Ryu, you fail to mention that he was kicked out of Sakagami’s organization and expelled for dishonest and dishonourable dealings.

  5. J MacGowan said:

    I am kind of confused as to why you would identify Fumio Demura as one of the most famous Shito Ryu stylists, especially when as a resident of Perth Western Australia you have Kyoshin Kayo resident there who is an 8th dan, who has not only studied under Sakagami (father) but was actually graded by Mabuni himself. What’s it take to get to be famous?

  6. Markus said:

    Believe it or not, I once was vice-president of the said UWA Karate club (Shito Ryu) that prides itself to receive tuition from Sensei Kayo, in Perth, Western Australia.

    Sensei Kayo is indeed 8th Dan and a very humble person.

    What it takes to be famous? A desire to be famous. Writing a lot of books helps, acting in Hollywood movies helps. I don’t think Sensei Kayo has any of these aspirations.

    Completely unrelated, but it just comes to my mind, Sensei Kayo once made me sparr with a blackbelt who was visiting from Japan. Said blackbelt proceeded to kick my ribs in and put me out of commission for 6 months. Not a happy memory.

  7. Michael said:

    i was wondering if there is way to instant message or chat with someone here? im new here. realy cool site!

  8. sasidhar goud said:

    hai, I am from india and I am a black belt student of my sensai.
    I respect my sensai when I join in shito ryu. I already learnt takwa-do I don’t its a powerful. The karate is powerful. Thanks for giving for this.

  9. narendhra said:

    hai iam naren iam from india , iam a black-belt student.
    i love karate, i want 2 learn all types of arts,
    i will learn defnately.

  10. Tony Villareeal said:

    I teach Motobu ha shito ryu karate.
    I live in Mt.vernon,IL 62864
    If anyone would like more info on this style of karate or Goshin budo jiujitsu please feel free to contact me.

    sensei Tony Villarreal/Sandan
    IL. state rep. Japenese Shito Ryu Karate
    here is my email address:
    motobu ha shito ryu karate sandan

  11. shirley holzman said:

    I am new to karate-my black belt sister talked me into it. Am hooked

  12. Joe said:

    I have been on the periphery of this too long. I am a practictioner of Shitoryu Itosu Kai for over 30 years. Fumio Demura was expelled from Itosu Kai years ago for the reasons mentioned in the comments from Robert. As a head instructor (5th Dan Karate, 2nd dan Kobudo) for a large Itosu Kai group in Western Canada I had the dubious pleasure of meeting him and his entourage of franchised karate instructors at various seminars and functions.

    I have to say the only reason he is venerated by so many practitioners of karate is he has appeared on numerous front covers of Black Belt Magazine, hardly a measure of acceptance in the martial arts world unless you happen to be in California or in Western Canada.
    Please go to the web site for Itosu Kai International and read the letter of expulsion for yourselves before making statements of credibilty.

  13. Deepak Rajesh said:

    Hi I am DEEPAK RAJESH from chennai and I am from shitoryu family. I love to be a karate student because of my MASTER SENSAI Dr.A.M.GOPALAN. He is the only man who dedicated his life for teaching the karate in a good way.

    He teaches us how to be in goodform and also teaches the Discipline way of how to be good in the dojo and terminologies in a easy way so that we can understand karate in a good manor. I’m very proud to learn karate from my Master. I thank my Master for making me a good human in the society. Now I’m holding BLACK BELT Ist DAN.

    I wish to thank this website, for giving this opportunity to express my thanks to my MASTER.

  14. andrew scott said:

    Hi my name is andrew scott. I am a student of sensei vickers of manchester and ashton sukokai karate. I hope to take my dan some time this year. I train in karate for self defence and i’m probably the worst student mr vickers has, but like everyone i do my best, without my mentor’s help and friendship i would still be withdrawn and unable to be one with myself so to every one who is starting karate or been doing karate as long as i have take a minute to reflect on what your sensei does for you and teaches you.. from a disabled karate student..

  15. HPM Rangajeewa said:

    Hello! I am HPM Ragajeewa Karate coach in Sri Lanka. My Association is ‘Sri Lanka Black Dragon Karate Organition’. In our Organition has around 1000 students. My Master is sense Shanthi Wickramarathne – Black belt 4th dane degree. We interested in new members.

    Would you like mail us

    Thanking you.
    (HPM Rangajeewa – Black belt 3rd dan)

  16. Dana Buchman said:

    Fumio Demura does run an excellent tournament – in teh past one he organized was at the LA Japan Expo each year. As an aside on Shito-ryu history we have a video on our website for download that describes shito-ryu’s history. Other downloads on Shito-ryu kata & bunkai are also available.

  17. girish sonawane said:

    Hi I am a1st degree black belt in shito-ryu karate. I like teaching katas. I stay at new panvel , navi mumbai.

  18. jason cahill said:

    Last week I enrolled my son in Matsukazi Shito-Ryu. He is thrilled. I have learned a great deal about this style from the site. I know nearly nothing about karate. My son was interested so I let him do it. At five years old he is very enthuziastic, and loves every minute of training. The shihan is fantastic.

  19. D. M. G. said:

    my name is dalan, i’ve been studying under shito-ryu karate for 4 years now. i test for my black belt in the summer. this is one of the REAL styles that use PRACTICLE techniques. i pay my respects to my dojo in st. anthony Idaho. soon i will open my own in Idaho falls. come if your in the area.

  20. lampard08 said:

    wado ryu is better!


  21. Brian Eckman said:

    Hi Dalan

    Shon & I are working on opening a Dojo in I.F. as a joint venture this summer. We enjoy teaching your family and appreciate what you do for us.

    Respectfuly yours

    Brian Eckman San Dan

  22. Kathryn said:

    What is the minimum age for a student to get his black belt? I have a problem as 2 students that are 11 years old and don’t know the kata are going for their black belts. Surely this is wrong, please advise

  23. Akai Shizuku said:

    Hi, my name is Akai Shizuku and I used to practice shito-ryu karate…But I couldn’t afford it, and now I can so I want to get back into it. I also recently purchased a very heavy katana, and I was just wondering if katana are used in shito-ryu. Thanks!

  24. Stoker said:

    Dalan do you happen to know Selena? I’m a friend of hers just for the info, I study under a different style but was wondering when the competition your Dojo is hosting will be. I live in IF, just wanted to find out when and where it would be if I might be able to come watch.

    Thanks, my email is if you want to write back.

  25. Keith said:


    “Maybe” if you truly understood the entire scope of Demura Shihan and Itosu-Kai, then maybe you wouldn’t make such statements. I read the discharge letter from Sakagami Sensei, and let me say this….. “things aren’t always as they seem.”

  26. Keith said:

    Maybe it’s because noone has ever heard of Kyoshin Kayo……

  27. Keith said:


    Honestly, I do not feel 11 year olds should get “black” belts. In our Dojo, anyone under 18 wears a “red” belt the equivilant to an adult “black” belt. Mainly, this is because most children, under 18, do not posses the maturity that the “black” belt denotes. Unfortunatley though, neither do many adults nowadays……
    Regarding the students not knowing the kata, that’s their instructor’s fault. It’s the instructor’s respnsibility to make sure their students are ready for testing…..

  28. Steve vanWormer said:

    I took your advice and read the letter of expulsion first. I then did some research on Fumio Demura trying to discover for why he IS so “venerated.” It’s all so clear to me now. You’re right also that Fumio Demura has been on numerous covers of Black Belt magazine. I checked for myself! He has apparently been on the cover numerous times on dozens of other martial arts magazines. In addition to being a Kumite Champion, a celebrated martial arts author Fumio Demura is an inductee of every martial arts HALL of FAME I could find. He has reportedly been teaching Karate on a top level for over 40 years and seems to have a very large and happy worldwide organization. (What have you got against California and Western Canada anyway?)

    Concerning the “Expulsion” itself, reading the expulsion document raises questions about it. Companies in business have disputes over business names all the time without anyone being a bad guy. So that isn’t important, or there would have been a lawsuit over it. The number one complaint in the expulsion was something to the effect of “Fumio Demura failing to communicate with Itosukai home office for twenty years.” If that is true, this expulsion is like having “Locked the barn door after the horse is gone” (and died of old age). Losing Fumio Demura looks to me like Itosukai’s loss and the expulsion sounds to me like “sour grapes” especially after so many years. If Fumio Demura has been out of contact as it says, again I have to question the real purpose of this document. Certainly Demura knew he was gone all that time, so must Itosukai have. (HELLO, Get a Clue!) So, if everyone involved already knew, all this time, then the only purpose of the “Expulsion” is a thinly disguised attempt to discredit.

    Fumio Demura is so universally “venerated” I’m sure you must be right in that his worldwide acceptance is not based at all on magazine covers!

    You can find out more about Fumio Demura at

  29. syed taukir said:

    i wish to learn karate and i am in chennai.

  30. Mithilesh Vidyarthi said:

    This is Mithilesh Vidyarthi from Delhi,India.I am a student of Shito-Ryu Karate since 9 years but still I am searching for genuine Master for promotion of this style in India.
    Terefore I heartedly request you to send the details about this style & concerned person in India.

    Thanking You

  31. randall said:

    My name is randall and ive been studing shito ryu for a few months and have known sensai demura for almost my whole life, if any one gets the chance to train with him i would say do it to the fullest.

  32. canto_arena said:

    “…regarding Demura and Shito-Ryu, you fail to mention that he was kicked out of Sakagami’s organization and expelled for dishonest and dishonourable dealings.”

    How do you know this? Elaborate please.

  33. Moises said:

    Im a MMA (Mixed Martial Artists) now, but three years ago i was a complete Shito Ryu fighter wich i practiced for 5 years, i live in nicaragua now, i learned Shito Ryu with a third Dan master, who taught me the most real street fighting techniques that can work on the streets, and in many ocassions i have put them in practice.
    A freind of mine who practiced with me Shito Ryu and my self have had several combined fights with diferent style fighters who have considered Shito Ryu as a dull art, and we have beatened the crap out of them, i dont know why since this art became a sport it stopped being martial.
    it isnt the arts fault that people aint capable of discovering the power that it has in its techniques, and the strength that it puts in your character.
    if someone wants to talk about it just e mail me.

  34. MJ said:


    Can someone tell us something about Kukoshin Karate?
    I heard it is a rough karate style and may be the toughest among all karate styles. is that true?


  35. Cam Steuart said:

    You should learn your facts before you run your mouth. Demura Sensei was not expelled; he resigned. And as far as the reasons stated they are false. Merely Sadakki Sakagami’s way of justifying his actions. Get it straight!

  36. Cam Steuart said:

    Joe Barrau wrote ” I had the dubious pleasure of meeting him and his entourage of franchised karate instructors at various seminars and functions.”

    Not only did you have the pleasure of meeting Sensei Demura Joe, you were the one who asked me if I thought he would accept you and your group into his organization since you were tired of Kei Tsumura’s lack lustre organization – remember – we were sitting in Arby’s in Lloydminster at the time. Ring a bell ???

    You talk tough on a computer Joe, but that’s where it ends – doesn’t it?

  37. Kaitlyn said:

    Hey Im Kaitlyn, I have been a member of the Shotokan Karate for years and have almost recieved my blackbelt!!! I am only 13 years old too! Butthis site has helped me become a more experienced Karate instructer for the lower classes!!!

  38. kyokushin Fighter 7689 said:

    hey MJ Kyokushin is a very fast bare knuckle style focusing on roundhouse kicks and reverse punches. I recommend it to all.

  39. Sabarinath said:

    Hi i am sabarinath from india. This site is too good. but we must spread this art in all over the world. at presently i am in US. i am trying to find the chance to help the others using this art

  40. Hassan Shathir said:

    Please tell I am a 33 year old Maldivian and I want learn Karate for self defence purpose.
    Tell me how I can join the course, fees and how can I arrange accomodation and Visa arrangements.


  41. Misra said:

    Tell me How?

  42. Eric Landrum said:

    Hi. I’m a student from 25 or more years ago. I studied under Sensei Dowden in Conyers Ga at a dojo afilliated with the National Karate and Jujitsu Union. It’s good to see that Shito Ryu is still alive and well. I just wish I could find a dojo in my area to keep learning at now.

  43. josh said:

    hi i was wondering is there a way to find a dojo around my area they use to teach shito ryu at my school but they stoped and as such ive lost my work out method if anybody knows a way to look up a dojo online it would be appreciated.

  44. sharon m said:

    Hi Great site, I train under Shihan Fumio Demura in the UK, we are part of Genbu-Kai Karate-Do Shito-Ryu Group, There are some intresting comments and reading on the site!

  45. kushal shrestha said:

    dear sir it is the most old martail art of the worls and it is famous all over the world so one branch is also in nepal it os very good and it is a most powerful karate in nepal in national team all the player are from shito-ryu so i am very proud to be the player of shito-ryu karate . thank you

  46. Pat Hurley said:

    It would be great if this site could list all dojo’s, in all karate styles, by city and state. When we were planning a move to Tucson AZ a few years ago (we’re still planning!) we could find NO good, reliable source to find a dojo in the Shito Ryu style in the greater Tucson area. Someone needs to remedy this for Shito Ryu and all the other Okinawan styles listed here. I know that the dojo I train at – Minami Dojo in Naples,Florida – would love to list themselves on some national database. Is it possible?!

  47. shashwat said:

    I like practising shito ryu karate and I LOVE it.

  48. grasshopper said:

    Hey ive been stugying for about two years now and i love it! I was in taekwondo but then I switched to soccer. But I couldnt stay away from karate and got into Shito Ryu which I love much more than my previous style. I want to study this style and others for the rest of my life

  49. reza said:

    thank you for submit i hop hellp me for tarining karate

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  53. S.Das said:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to enroll my son to your school for learning karate. If you kindly inform your address then it will be very beneficial for me.


    Best regards,

  54. Stephanie Frelone said:

    I’ve been training for almost three months now and I’m loving it! From what I’ve experienced thus far, the dojo has been an excellent place to learn about the balance between humility and confidence. Because I am a noob, every wimpy kick and klutzy kata reminds me that I have years to go before I will even scratch the surface of karate, but on the other hand, I cannot allow my inexperience to become an excuse for hesitation and timidity, because I would never progress that way. I’m having a blast and am very excited about learning even more!

  55. Dr Avinash Dal said:

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  57. B McCuaig said:

    Demura is a well known stunt man. Moving to Hollywood and being in movies usually helps in getting famous.

  58. xoozaoul - Google Search said:

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  59. jack tho said:

    my name is jack tho from brunei darussalam i start my karate since 1970….. i am looking for my sensai national coash of brunei 1986..1989..anyone know where is he please ask to email looking for him since 1988.. tk

  60. Sudishna said:

    I am playing karate for about 2 years and now i am brown belt. I love playing it and I have won the sliver medal in its International Game between India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

  61. Peter said:

    I will like to be a karate man

  62. Gary said:

    Iam looking for a dojo in forster tuncary or forster. iam curently orange belt.
    and train in lithgow pcyc. please help

  63. Aayan said:

    I love karate and i am also doing karate.I am in yellow belt.Karate is my hobby.In karate I won a golden medel.I am learning the karate in riyadh and I am a Pakistani.

  64. Ichi Dan Kuro Obi said:

    I hope somebody can give me info where i can buy okinawan karate uniform here in riyadh KSA……

  65. ashish said:

    i’ve practiced karate from four years in shito-ryu style and i am a blue belt.i love this website

  66. Tony Lee Villarreal said:

    kuniba kai international, Villarreal karate club starting classes in/and around Morrow,Ohio 45152

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  74. Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj said:

    I am very much interest to work with Fumio Demura sensei.

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  77. zzdoc said:

    In searching the internet on the Demura Sensei expulsion matter, I found the following which should be of interest here:

    “I’ve known Demura Sensei for many years & have always known him to be proficient, approachable & sincere. Although I belong to Shito-ryu Shukokai Union USA, Demura allows me to train @ the hombu as often as I wish (very handy because I work 10 min. away). I have several friends within the dojo despite not being “one of them”. Soon after the so-called “expulsion” I spoke to him. He told me that Sakagami Ryusho, is his Sensei (even in death) & it is to him that he remains loyal. During his lifetime, Demura proved over & over that he was a worthy student & propagator of the Itosukai system. The fact he became the most notable Itosukai instructor worldwide cannot be dismissed. Due to his accomplishments, Sakagame Ryusho allowed Demura to do as he saw fit in all areas of karate. When the father died & the son became Soke, Demura continued to conduct business as usual. No dues, issue own menjo etc. The son wanted Demura under his control so Demura said (I paraphrase) “No, you are not my sensei. Why should I change what your father permitted?” and he quit rather than forfeit his values & kowtow. Sadaaki got pissed & issued that famous letter to humiliate Demura. Demura moved on to form his own organization – Genbukai – that retained most of his affiliate dojo.”

  78. zzdoc said:

    As a postscript to the aforementioned, and as I see it, the fact that Demura Sensei named his organization Genbu-kai is his bow to his sensei Sakagama Ryusho whose dojo was named Genbu-kan.

  79. Rolando Bocanegra said:

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  80. Rolando Bocanegra said:

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