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Kenpo Karate (Kempo)

Characteristics of Kenpo

Kenpo Karate is a complete fighting system that is particularly popular in the United States.

Kenpo places equal emphasis on the use of hands and feet and uses similar fighting techniques to other Okinawan fighting styles. Kenpo also practises Kata or forms like other martial arts. Whereas most Karate styles use white gis (uniforms) throughout, a visual characteristic of Kenpo is its use of black Gis for higher grades and even the mixing of black Gi tops with white pants and vice versa.

History of Kenpo

Like most Okinawan fighting arts, Kenpo Karate can trace its roots back to the Shaolin monks of China. Master “To-De” Sakugawa (1733-1815) from Shuri, the ancient capital of Okinawa, travelled to China in the 18th century to train with the Chuan Fa masters (Chuan Fa is what Chinese Kung Fu was called at that time). On his return to Okinawa he developed what became known as Shuri Te, from which Kenpo was later born. In contrast, the Okinawan martial arts developed in Naha, the modern-day capital of Okinawa, first became known as Naha-Te, and developed later on into Goju-Ryu Karate).

In 1916 a young Hawaiian named James Mitose travelled to Kyushu in Japan where he learnt Kosho Ryu Kempo. He later returned to Hawaii where he taught William Chow, who further developed the art. To differentiate his system from that of Mitose, William Chow called his school Kenpo Karate. As a visual break from the traditional Japanese and Okinawan Karate styles, Mitose and Chow introduced the wearing of black gis for higher ranks, to indicate that Kenpo was a different and more of a “war art” than the increasingly sports-oriented, white-Gi-wearing Karate styles.

Ed Parker, father of American Kenpo

Ed Parker, also a Hawaiian, was a student of William Chow. Ed Parker is considered the father of American Kenpo, as he had the greatest modern day influence on the spread of Kenpo around the world. Ed Parker opened the first ever university campus martial arts school in Utah USA in 1954, at the age of only 23.

Ed Parker later became a tournament promoter. At one of his early tournaments, Bruce Lee first came into the view of the general public. Ed Parker was also active as a movie actor, stunt coordinator, author and
instructor to many famous Hollywood actors.

Kempo or Kenpo?

There is no difference between Kenpo and Kempo, they are different spellings of the same martial art. The Japanese kanji character for kenpo and kempo is the same, yet when translated to English, the N can also be an M. Kenpo or Kempo translates to “Law of the fist”.

Origin of Kenpo: Okinawa

Founded By: Sakugowa

Last 5 forum posts on Kenpo Karate:

Popularised by: Edmund K Parker better known simply as Ed Parker or “The Father of American Kenpo”. Among his most famous students where Elvis Presley, Larry Hartsell, Steve McQueen, Robert Wagner, Warren Beatty, Audie Murphy and Dan Inosanto.

Books by Ed Parker:

  • Infinite Insights into Kenpo Vol 1 Mental Stimulation
  • Infinite Insights into Kenpo Vol 2 Physical Analyzation

113 comments about “Kenpo Karate”

  1. Dan Ball said:

    On one page you say:

    “There is no difference between Kenpo and Kempo, they are different spellings of the same martial art. The Japanese kanji character for kenpo and kempo is the same, yet when translated to English, the N can also be an M. Kenpo or Kempo translates to “Law of the fist”.”

    That is completely untrue, Kempo and Kenpo are two extremely different art forms. I am ranked in Kenpo and have met with, spoke with and shared theory with Kempo students, Kenpo is very fluid and circular, Kempo is very rigid and choppy like many of the more traditional arts…

  2. kempo_jujitsu said:

    the WORD kempo/kenpo…still the same word with the same meaning.
    however you are right, what i was told was that chow misspelled it but decided to keep the n to differentiate his art even further from mitoses kempo, which is much more okinawan…whereas kenpo (chow, parker etc) is more chinese oriented

    so basically kempo is japanese/okinawan

    and kenpo is okinawan/chinese

    but the fact remains, kempo, and kenpo are both the same word, fist law, the japanese translation of chuan fa in chinese. i think this is what he was getting at.

  3. Phillip Harlow said:

    i trained with Okinawan Kempo 7th Dan Black Belt(Grand Master) Joe Aldridge, He says that Kempo means Temple Fist

  4. peter said:

    you are right that kenpo and kempo are completely diferent arts but kempo is not rigid or choppy kempo is a complete martial system using punches kicks strikes blocks throws weapons locks pressure points etc it uses the theroy of in yo use something hard against somthing soft something soft against somthing hard it very much the same as kenpo but using the traditional kata as its basis

  5. Simon West said:

    Kempo actions are merely mimickery of some of Chuck Norris’s home remedies for the common cold. Only through his teachings can one hope to understand Kempo.

  6. Mike said:

    I’m disappointed that this thread has turned into what amounts to style-bashing. I had enjoyed this site up until now, but this kind of sophomoric banter is pointless and ignorant.

  7. Mike said:

    That being said, there is no difference between Kempo and Kenpo literate except for the original translation from Kanji to English.

    Any differences in style you might be discussing have to do with the particular style of Kempo(Kenpo) being compared.

    Anyone who states that the different spellings automatically imply a different style is incorrect.

  8. amal gul said:

    Dear sir.
    i hope u will be fine and ok.i m amal gul black belt 3rd dan from pakistan.

  9. Joaquin Sahagun said:

    I am really impressed at the complexity of thought given to the simplicity of a kick and a punch.

  10. Peter Hibbett said:

    I have a 6 year old girl and would like to find a class that would train her, that is near to us.
    We also have a friend that has two girls 6 and 9 who is
    We all live in Ashford, Middlesex. Near Staines and M25.
    Please advise.
    Kind Regards

  11. Jeffrey Ade said:

    I was able to take a day long course with Master Parker in Pasadena at Frank Trejo’s school, with John Conway Jr. He even did a self defenses technique on me in front of the class.

  12. Brian said:

    hahaha, how is Kempo anything close to what Chuck Norris does? Chuck has black belt rankings in Tang Soo Do, TKD, Shito Ryu, and possibly even Brazilian jiu jitsu now..he doesn’t have a black belt in Kempo..he founded his own art called Chun Kuk Do!

    As a Shito Ryu and kakutogi yudansha, and a muay thai practitione that now studied Kempo this remark is silly.

    I can understand what some of you mean by Kenpo and Kempo being two different arts but this isn’t always the case. Some Okinawan styles spell it Kenpo while some spell it Kempo..the Japanese styles such as shorinji spell it Kempo.

    Technically kenpo/kempo is the same word but often they are two different arts…but not always.

  13. Lila said:

    Ever sience I started in kenpo karate I’ve grown confident in myself. A.E. Vea’s school has helped me a lot. Mr. Fetty (instructor) is really nice.

  14. Steven said:

    I am thinking about trying to find a karate class but i am the more aggressiv type and would rather strike thank evade or throw which form or karate would be best for me?

  15. Paul said:

    my daughter and i just started taking kenpo style karate. we enjoy it we have 2 very good instrutors ( doug & jason)at (ameri-kick) this type of karate fits my style we enjoy it. i say if your comfortable with go with it

  16. Kelsey Goggia said:

    Getting into Kenpo Karate was a great experience for me. The environment was very enjoyable and I have a lot more confidence and respect for myself and others. Plus think of it this way its a great way to get in shape.

  17. Dave said:

    Ed Parker’s American Kenpo is NOTHING like Okinawan or Japanese Kempo. Look at a Parker form and look at a Kosho Ryu form. They are light years apart.

  18. Meekstud said:

    There’s a difference between a style and a system. I’ve studied Kenpo for 4 years and American Kenpo for 2, and am now doing Kempo and have been for 7 years. Kempo is more of a system with concepts and principles. Having studied with Bruce Juchnik and several others, I’ve learned more with Kempo than the others were able to teach me. I’m now also studying Panther style shaolin Gung Fu, which I see alot of similarities in that and the Kempo. Such as fluidity, using centers and some concepts. While Kempo is indeed more “Japanese-like”, it seems to have alot of influince from the chinese arts. “There is no wrong, only different.”

  19. Renee Neal said:

    My teacher is Ed Parkers’ Kenpo Son and Black Belt, Master Bob Liles. As a teacher and Manager at Liles’ Karate school since 1988, I knew SGM Ed Parker, spoke and ate with him on many occasions, went to 12 of his seminars, and competed at the Ed Parkers’ International Karate Championships 12 times (8 time IKC Champion) as well as won over 55 trophies and medals nationallyin Open tounaments.

    I have observed a wide variety of martial arts in my travels, and can tell you that SGM Parkers’ version of Kenpo is quite unique and different from the current Kempo or Kenpo, as well as different from the his training origins. Visibly different. Although SGM Parkers’ origins were as stated in the article, he certainly added in his background of brawling in the streets of Hawaii, as well as his observations of other arts.

    Mr. Parker had the unique ability to observe the movement of other systems, extract quality ideas, and finally, integrate these ideas into a very modern martial art. Modern as in street sensible. Ed Parker’s Kenpo truly should have a distinct category listing of it’s own.
    How is his art different?

    *He includes attacks from all ranges-long (kicks), medium (punches and kicks), and short (locks, chokes, holds and grabs).
    He was the first instructor to first instructor to write down in length his complete art in the Ideal Phase (historically teachers pass down such arts verbally, and if they do write some down, it is very little. It is their bread and butter, after all.)

    *He made a point to clearly explain and even write about concepts and principles that underlay the reasoning behind and the quality of movement. He took his ideas from many sources, including other martial arts, other walks of life, and his own observations. Though many teachers have some key ideas, he made a huge study of such information and organized and presented in such a way it was a revelation to the martial arts community. If you haven’t read his series called Insights into Kenpo, you should, no matter what art you study. If you heard him teach at a seminar, you knew that his knowledge was not just put together for a book; he was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. No one had to dub him a Master; you knew it just listening to him.

    *To watch him and his senior students move, the differences in movement between his style and others is evident. Mr. Parker, Frank Trejo, Bob Liles, Paul Mills, John Sepulveda, Dian Tanaka, Mike Pick, Brian Hawkins, -when they move, they don’t look like they are doing anything so contrived as a style. They are a study in relaxation, a blur of movement, boneless. The ground sometimes thunders when they apply marriage of gravity, the body of their opponent sounds like a drum upon impact, the clothing and hair shaking with the pop of the impact upon their body.

    About Mr.’ Parkers’ Tournament ED Parkers’ International Karate Championships (IKC).
    They were the largest and longest running tournament in the US. During the time I competed there, there were about 27 rings, and frequently 40-80 competitors in each division. I believe the number of competitors one year I attended was 7,000. His tournament was open to all styles and counties. You would have to contact Mr. Parkers’ widow, Leilani Parker, at the IKKA for more accurate numbers, as she and the family ran the tournament together.

  20. kempo_jujitsu said:

    Nevertheless…kempo/kenpo…its the same word, with the same meaning. “fist law”

    But i was told, by a student of professor kimo fereirra of hawaii, who was a student of professor walter godin, who was a student of joe emperado and william chow, joe was one of chows black belts. that it is “supposed” to be pronounced kempo. It was just a mispelling. Similar to “jitsu”…its ‘supposed’ to be pronounced jutsu. The word ‘jitsu’ has nothing to do with martial arts, it means nuts…and can mean truth. The word jutsu on the other hand means art, skill, or science.

    Any art COULD BE called kempo…and many were. It’s really kind of a vague term, that does not denote a specific art or style.

    Originally it was just a term used by japanese and okinawan people to denote arts that came from china, or were influenced by chinese martial arts. Which is why they started calling their indigenous art of te (hand) tode or tote jutsu (china hand)…later changed to kara-te (also china hand)…which was later changed again to a different ‘kara’ which means empty.

    But in the end its all semantics…you say potayto, i say potahto…but we’re both saying the same thing.

  21. jeremy said:

    As a muay thai fighter, I lost my instructor and wantde to find a new style of martial arts to study. I have found that with my background American Kenpo is a perfect fit. It is a great style with many benefits. I recommend this style to anyone with a desire to learn martial arts

  22. kenpo karate-jujitsu said:

    Ed Parkers kenpo is nothing compared to C.H.A. 3 Kenpo that came from Hawaii. You should visit their website if you have a chance, it’s In my opinion, Ed Parkers Kenpo hasen’t got anything against C.H.A. 3 Kenpo Karate.

  23. NS.Kenpo said:

    Hi, I know this is slightly out of context, but i have question. Is Arnis a form of karate? I have been practicing Kenpo for about a year while my younger brother is a blue belt in Arnis, my parents always refer to both arts as simply karate, I know there is a difference, and I know Kenpo is actually a form of Karate, but where does Arnis fall under?

  24. jason said:

    Karate is a japanese art, while arnis is a phillipino stick fighting art. The sticks represent swords.

  25. Lance said:

    From my understanding Kenpo and Kempo are the same. If you do see a difference in Kenpo styles it is because the instructor or instructors decided to change it from the traditional techniques. Ed parker is one of them who changed Kenpo. American Kenpo looks nothing like the original Kenpo Mr. Parker was taught. Even Mr. Parkers students have changed Kenpo after he died.

    I’m sure this is the same with other systems of Kenpo. Mr. Parker even stated his Kenpo only has maybe 10% of the original Kenpo in it. CHA3 Kenpo states it is teaching the original Kenpo, Tracy System claims the same but what each teaches is totally different. So if you want the traditional Kenpo I’d say find a time machine and head back about 60 years or more and talk with Masters Hoon Chow, James Mitose and William Chow. They should lead you in the right direction :)

  26. francisco said:

    I did kenpo for one week and it sucked. My sensei was a liar even he said he was a 9th degree black belt and when I went to his senseis website it said he was a 4th degree black belt. What a crappy sensei I hated that ….. Then i did shotokan and I loved it and I am still doing shotokan to this day.

  27. Bill said:

    Temple fist? Never heard of that one before. Ken means fist, po means law. Kenpo is fist law or Americanized Law of the Fist.Chaun fa (the true term for what has become to be known as kung fu) translates to law of the fist.

    Kung, kenpo…a connection perhaps?

    Kenpo, although often refered to as a Japanese art uses Chinese spelling instead of Japanese. You really see the kung fu influence after also training in tai chi.

  28. MATTHEW said:

    All you people arguing over styles you have not learned the real reason for training in the arts.

    Look deeper than the punches this is where greatness begins.

    You can always lose no matter what style you study.

  29. Jeff said:

    Well, i know nothing of martial arts, and nothing of this site, but i will tell you one little thing. If i knew where the people who are making dumb-ass comments live, they would all be recieving a round-house kick to the face, from urs truely.
    - Jeff -

  30. William Armenteros said:

    Ed parker’s American Kenpo Karate is the best kenpo ever created.

    I’m not trying to over boost or over speak for the system, but listen to this: i have been wanting to train in american kenpo since i was eight years old, still didn’t get the chance yet but my time is coming to begin training and never stop studying, but my point is – every clip every video that i have ever seen that is kenpo based was amazing, the students that ed parker trained are amazing larry tatum , frank trejo, jeff speakman, brian hawkins, skip hancock etc.. .

    You have to witness for yourself, in the book the journey ed parker stated if people can see what we do they will come to us.

  31. william Armenteros said:

    I would love to see how you throw your round house jeffy but let me tell you if i block if i do, you will be recieving more than one counter.

  32. william Armenteros said:

    if someone will please help with finding a instructor authentic kenpo please give me a holla back PLEASE

  33. kenpo dad said:

    william: not knowing where you live, here’s a link to the contact page for Kenpo2000. It’s a direct descendant of Ed Parkers Kenpo (Professor Hancock was a student of Mr. Parkers).

  34. James Michaels said:


    I practice Kempo Karate and it is a little different from what I have seen of Ed Parkers Kenpo. I believe the words Kenpo and Kempo are translated to english with the same meaning – fist law, but different karate schools teach somewhat different variations of similar styles of karate. The bottom line is find a style and instructor that you like and have fun!

    Different people practice Martial Arts for different reasons, but it usually goes beyond just the blocks, strikes, and kicks. For most it becomes a life altering experience and a life long endeavor…enjoy the ride!

  35. lampard08 said:

    wado ryu is better!


  36. Azamat said:


  37. Jizamesh said:

    I once got taken in the ass by a kenpo master,he had a big black juicy cock and large balls.

  38. Sung Hoon said:

    Hi I am perpect charming guy in the Korea. daido juku is best
    haha k-haha

  39. Bob Fitzgerald said:

    =hahaha, how is Kempo anything close to what Chuck Norris does? Chuck has black belt rankings =in Tang Soo Do, TKD, Shito Ryu, and possibly even Brazilian jiu jitsu now..he doesn’t have a =black belt in Kempo..he founded his own art called Chun Kuk Do!

    Are you serious? Chuck Norris. You are going to compare Chuck Norris to the likes of Ed Parker, Frank Trejo, Jeff Speakman, and yes I know he’s an actor, but so is Norris. As Far as Chuck kU DO goes I’d put it on par with Mr. Bloodsport’s Dux Ryu.Norris jumped from the ring when the full contact karate guys got in. Please, go rent good guys wear black and leave us alone.

  40. Adam said:

    I’ve studied Kenpo for 11 years under AKKA, an organization that was founded by Ed Parker’s student, Thomas Connor, and Bill Packer. It would be nice to see some updated information about Grandmaster Packer on here.

  41. tom said:

    seeing that this is a okinawan and japanese ite tou should at least have some infomation on there history connected with KEMPO cause thats why i came onto this site.

  42. nice said:

    Nice website

  43. Michael said:

    I have just reviewed the previous 10+ submissions on this site and am amazed at the narrow minded chest beating displayed by several. I always thought that it is about what you can learn, concepts, ideas…knowledge you can apply to yourself wherever and whatever you are doing. I’ve studied okinawan kenpo, isshin ryu, kungfu, aikido, as well as ed parker kenpo. What has impressed me with ed parker kenpo is how its movements and concepts allow for and are integratable with any other art I have seen. Even If you study other styles, the concepts and definitions are applicable to your style. Check out some the info at for some excellent information on training and teaching.

  44. aidan said:

    i have studied the arts for 25 years and found the style I practice now, Kombat kenpo to be the most complete and effective martial art i have ever studied, see the kombat kenpo federation online.

  45. Jmurf said:

    Verrry Interesting!!!!…although I only scanned the first lines of the comments. I figure whatever art you are taking at the moment is the best art for you…otherwise you wouldn’t be learning and growing in the arts as a whole.. Expand your horizons!
    Always wondered about the diff in kenpo and kempo.


  46. Mario Lorenzana said:

    I have had the honor of meeting MR BOB LILES at IKC this year in Mexico, it was a great kenpo party, with competitors all over the world, I mean, it was a real world championships, so I wanted to thank My good friend and teacher, Bob Liles, because all of his support and all the things he taught to me, ao I could win 3 first places and a second, thank you Pappa… we love you at Guatemala, “the land that does not exist” get well and come to visit us soon, blessings!!!
    Mario Lorenzana

  47. dave said:

    The best of all martial arts come to these easy to learn systems using Sigung Weiner’s Kombat Kenpo, Silat and Chi-na Kung fu

  48. Jo said:


    His legacy lives on. Though not in the way a lot of us would have liked to keep it, it lives on. There has been a lot of confusion and I hope people finish grieving to unite the schools under one banner again. I have been a student of and worked along side Mr. Packer for many years. I would have took his place if I could, I know I was not destined for that so I hope I get a chance to teach what he tried to offer to offers once again. I hope I can teach a way of life and learning through Kenpo.

  49. Jo said:

    It depends on the type of Kenpo you are actually looking at. If you study the Japenes forms you will get more rigid techniques and Katas. If you are studying more of the Chinese style you will get the circular motions.

    If you take a look at what Senior Grandmaster Bill Packer taught, it starts with the Rigid Japanese style forms and moves to the circular ones based on discipline and growth.

  50. Jeff said:

    I have studied both Okinawa Kempo (in Okinawa) and Ed Parkers Kempo. They are nothing alike.

  51. Elvin P said:

    Arnis is a weapon therefore not Karate. Karate roughly means “the way of the empty hand”

  52. Steve Stefancic said:

    Who was awarded rings by Ed Parker, I have heard he gave out 9 to his top students.

  53. International Kempo-Karate and Kobudo federation said:

    Kata, Kata Kobudo, Kobudo Bunkay, Salf-Defense, Kumite

  54. Shinka said:

    Kempo and kenpo are the same art. They use the same kanji. However, when written in kana (Japanese syllabery), the nasal ‘n’ is pronounced as ‘m’ when before a ‘b’ or ‘p’ sound. EG, when written as nba, it is pronounced mba, and if written npa, it is pronounced mpa. He probably called it kempo because he didn’t know written Japanese, but officially in kana it is kenpoo/kenpou pronounced kempoo/kempou. Hope I helped.

  55. beffy said:

    I have been learning Kenpo Karate since i was 7 years old (Now 15) and am now a 3rd degree black belt in France. I have read yout article and i agree with these other people that the words kenpo and kempo are not the same. You should say this in your article as what you said is not true.
    I hop you have enjoyed Kenpo arate as much as i have,
    Yours Sincerly,
    Madame La Rose

  56. Robert Willson said:

    Looking for kempo class in Bentonville AK. Please let me Know. Thank you

  57. Kevin said:

    You are not getting the picture Parker studied under these masters . They began with a closer relation to the Okinowan style and as the article mentions they made changes . many people studied under chow and Imperado. Gaylord , Dacascos and others none of their styles look the same . They have followed avenus of their choice after reaching high levels of knowledge .Parker looks nothing like his teachers .Sorry for bad spelling .

  58. christopher peters said:

    What style of karate is american kenpo/kempo karate?

  59. LMarginean said:

    I guess nothing has changed at Mr. Vea’s school in Liberty, since 2006. (see Lila’s comment above) There are not too many martial art schools like this one, anymore. Most if not all other schools around are superficial at best, by comparison. And the experience behind it… priceless. Both my son and myself have been attending since Oct 08 and it’s been nothing but a great experience, hence my comments. You won’t regret checking it out.



  61. swords said:

    Upon request of Richard Mancuso: Three types of attacks can be performed with the blade: striking, cutting, and thrusting. The blade can be double-edged or single-edged, the latter often having a secondary “false edge” near the tip. When handling the sword, the long or true edge is the one used for straight cuts or strikes, while the short or false edge is the one used for backhand strikes. Some hilt designs define which edge is the ‘long’ one, while more symmetrical designs allow the long and short edges to be inverted by turning the sword of one’s hand on the hilt. —————–You’re welcone. Jim, The Sword Guy

  62. J.R.Bray said:

    Can you tell me about John Conway Jr.

  63. david said:

    can you tell please the best dojo to learn kempo especially the shaolin gang fu please email it to me the details

  64. david said:

    can you tell please the best dojo to learn kempo especially the shaolin gang fu please email it to me

  65. Kaiba said:

    The true name of the art is keNpō with an n.
    In Japanese the only constanant sound that can be pronounced in the middle of a word with out being followed by a vowel sound is n (ん)
    Chow messed up the pronounciation of the kanji 拳法 kenpō

  66. samurai Swords said:

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  67. anup yadav said:

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  69. swords said:

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