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Learning karate like a new language

When you learn Karate, you are first introduced to individual techniques, such as single blocks and strikes. If we compare learning Karate to learning a new language, you can think of these like the letters of the alphabet. Several techniques strung together may form words. The practice of basic techniques is often simply called “basics”, or Kihon in Japanese. To stay with this analogy, sentences are thus formed by stringing several basic techniques together, for example, in Kihon Ido, which means, “moving basics”, because you step and thus move your body while you block and/or strike.

Typical for Karate are Katas. A Kata is a sequence of movements used for training and to demonstrate technique. In the context of learning Karate, learing Katas then can be akin learning how to form paragraphs.

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In this Karate online tutorial, we will follow this approach. We will offer you video clips that demonstrate individual techniques, combinations in partner training and Katas. We are currently processing our video material, adding new techniques and Karate video clips every day. Each video will be accompanied by a step-by-step learning guide with expert advice on how to perform the technique correctly.

Karate Terminology: The Japanese names for the techniques shown vary slightly between different Karate styles. To make it clearer, we have decided to use mostly english, descriptive names, and put Japanese terms for these techniques in brackets, using the nomenclature of Okinawan Karate.

Section 1: Blocks (Uke)

Destroying your attacker’s weapons

All blocking techniques can become powerful attacks against your attacker’s limbs when performed with speed and power. Hard blocks can cause damage to your attacker’s arms and legs and thus remove the threat of further attacks.

Close-handed Blocks

Open-Handed Blocks

Wrist Blocks

Section 2: Basic Punches and Strikes

Please read our article on Punching in Karate, which is the basis for all the striking techniques demonstrated below.

Section 3: Kicking

It is recommended to practice your kicks on a heavy bag, if possible. It is quite difficult to develop a powerful (and useful) kick only by kicking thin air. By kicking the bag you will learn how to generate power and speed in your kicks. Bag kicking will also strengthen the muscles used for kicking.

Section 4: Combined Karate Techniques:

Block and Counter Techniques

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  1. ben phipps said:

    i think the websites great since i am a blackbelt myself but i think it would really improve if you demonstrated some katas in your videos

  2. Phạm Thanh Phương said:

    I am just a greenbelt and i receive much from this site.Thanks

  3. david austin vaz said:

    I would like to know about international shoirin rui karate

  4. Alexander H Banks said:

    I think the techniques demonstrated on this site are terrible, while watching the videos I was sitting on my chair, laughing… There is no structure to the techniques you use, you say you are performing a sidekick, you don’t follow your own instructions, you don’t turn the foot or even kick to the side, it is more of a diagonal kick. I may be wrong here, but in the style I study, we turn through 90 degrees and kick TO THE SIDE, whereas you do not. I understand that our styles are different, but isn’t there a slight possibility that you might break your leg, tear a ligament or do more permenant damage using this “technique”

    I mean no offence by this, I’m just trying to stop people trying to learn a style that WILL result in them being injured or worse.

    Thank you for your time
    Dr. Alexander H Banks (Physics)

  5. Mountaineer said:

    I thik this site is a great demonstrator on Kata and other techniques but i would love to see some basics published.

  6. Brian said:

    I think Dr. Alexander Banks should get his head out of his ass.

  7. dale said:

    rubbish i think you should add some basic stuff that i can learn at home

  8. Brent said:

    Im a white belt and i find this site handy to check technique…Dale: Martial arts should be learned in a gojo not on a computer, so get your fat ass out of that chair and into a Dojo

  9. Freddy said:

    I agree with brent… karate can’t be learned at home… great site!!

  10. Shiyana Farrelly said:

    I’m a instructor trainee and i think this is a great site but you need to put more basic and easier stuff on the site like wakasukis and about the basic punches and kicks

  11. Crazy Joe said:

    Well…. this website is rubbish the videos only last about 5-15 secs max. what are people supposed to learn to just block and attack. im a BLACK BELT ON 7TH DAN. im not tryin to be big headed but its rubbish even my grand ma knows more dan that and that 5th dan geeza that was perfomin em in vids well he needs to get faster and he needs to get stronger

  12. eugene perry said:

    i thought you have done a great job on this website,i myself am a third kyu brown belt at shotokan(didnt want to get a black bet,just enjoyed traing.)i trained for fifteen years until i had a verry serious hip injury, after a three year rest period i began traing in sanchin ryu(english version.) i double graded on every grade and eventualy earned my blue belt,this site has allowed me to learn your techniques and adapt them for use in sanchin ryu, keep up the good work, why dont you add some sparring combinations. thanks for reading this.

  13. Neo said:

    This site is shit coz the techniques are rubbish and av no structure. go 2 a karate lesson insted!

  14. Grizz said:

    Great site, lots of good basic info and the videos are useful. You critics need to realize that karate is NOT learned thru ‘net videos – these are BASIC. If you want to seriously learn, go to a dojo. This is entertaining and informative and I think that’s all Sensei Lyon was trying to do. He’s not trying to get you a black belt via web site vidoes.

  15. Jet Li said:

    This site is exellent. It contains some great techniques which I use alot myself. I feel the experience should come abit cheaper as you cannnot sell a language but you sell Martialarts. However, all in all it is an exellant site that teaches anyone the greatness of karate.

  16. Jet Li said:

    I have been inspired to suggest that this site creates a simple game in order to help everyone master the technique, I think all it needs to make you use certain techniques at certain times.

  17. Jimmy said:

    This is an good site though as a Black belt at karate, judo and tai chi I feel it could do with abit of updating etc.

  18. james said:

    i think it’s great

  19. Liam Wilson said:

    I think this is an awesome site that has loads of cool information……..but I would like to see other fiting styls.

  20. Andrew Raslan said:

    This info is great, since I am only a blue-tip, but I think you should add some katas. I cannot do anything without them (I don’t even take karate lessons anymore, so you are my greatest source.). Thanks alot for your attention! ;-)

  21. Devon said:

    pls.. send me some karate tips.. offensive and defensive.. i really like it.. im just a beginner.. i think its a great help for me. u rock!

  22. George Campbell said:

    I think the site is great iam just a orange belt but its neet to see different styles. i would like to see more katas.

  23. phing lau said:

    i am a yoshi sensei from shnghai…i must tell you all that shaolin kung fu if far more advanced and much more effective then any form of karate …

  24. ivan grozny said:

    the site is not bad but people should really rely on trainings in dojos

    also, tu phing lau – if kung fu is better go browse kung fu sites

    also i have newer seen any kung fu championsip as big as karate ones are

  25. max said:

    this is a great site but it would be better if u add more kicks

  26. dilip p patel said:

    This is very funny and has easy to learn clips for new students. I would like to request you add some self defence techniques so students can learn more..thnx.!!

  27. Sapphiriana Rochos said:

    This is a great site. Critics: cursing makes you look stupid.
    Cheers for your site from Kyoto, Japan!!

  28. GJK 3K0 said:

    Sure some ppl maything the site is a bit down hill and it could do with more techniques but if you think that then get your own site, make your own vidoes and stop complaining and if you are a BLACK BELT that shouldn’t be a problem.

  29. Tam said:

    I just want to say nice website, but i suggest for those who really want to learn, go learn in an actual a blue belt so my points of view may be differ from those who don’t know anything or white belts..
    its might help, but to really learn, learn in a class…

  30. lee said:

    this sites for real amatures though i am a world class champion in kickboxing and jujitsu.

  31. shan afridi said:

    This is a good site for a new student..and also for seniors …but have to improve it more.. I am black belt and I am from afridi karate club. bara

  32. Pete said:

    Like a lot of people viewing this I am a black belt (Goju) and even though I am only Shodan I recognise that the techniques in the video’s are less than perfect (trying to be nice) My suggestion is to get someone with GOOD technique video at full speed and use slow motion to make it easier. If you expect people to take this seriously you need to get rid of negative comments like mine by addressing the issues. People have commented on the videos for months…..

  33. Chris Winward said:

    This website is very useful for me – i would love to learn karate but there aren’t any places in my areas. At least I now know some basic martial arts for self-defense.

  34. MF said:

    I have 14 years of experience in Shorin Ryu and have faught as a free-style fighter for 7 years now. Never once I’ve used any of the defensive moves on this website. You can’t learn how to defend behind a computer. You only learn when you are fighting.

  35. MF said:

    oh and Lee, you are not a worldclass fighter. Andrei Arlovski is a worldclass fighter, Wanderlei Silva is a worldclass fighter. You, you are just a fighter, just like the rest of us.

  36. Ec - Lee said:

    I need an experience person to tour with if anyone is ready to call or organize any tournament he should let me know to partipciate.


  37. praveen said:

    This site is too cool.I loved the basic moves which the Sensei demonstrated.This site is very useful to kids all over the world.

  38. Devender said:

    Your site is too cool.

  39. panther said:

    This site would b better if u left every technique and steps to becoming a white belt to a black belt

  40. Garry said:

    Having trained extensively in Goju Ryu in England I am now in Spain and have just found a Goju club but not having trained ‘properly’ for some years have stumbled on this site. And agree the technique is not good, however it’s reminded me of the terminology and has been useful in re-aquainting myself in the art.

    People looking for a good art would do well to choose Goju Ryu but choose the Okinawan Goju IOGKF affiliation only then you are learning the source Karate.

    The only other style that I have found in going to many clubs that offers as much in terms of self defence is Wing Chun. Combine the two principles together the closeness of Wing Chun together with the power of Goju and you have a very effective self defence system.

    Good luck and to all you knockers out there get a life.

  41. akio123 said:

    ”always remember karate is not only learned in the dojo”- FUNAKOSHI

  42. bob said:

    i think this could be great but requires more info!!!! :)

  43. Oscar "trios" Johnson said:

    Im in the process of making a undergroud sort of site for aspiring martial artist, and master martial artist alike, this site is goign to be on the links fosho,
    you should finish up the techniques and add some katas…
    gl with the site

  44. nick said:

    i have no idea how to fight and no time 4 lessons atm so i think its awesome 4 beginners like me

  45. Jess said:

    You certainly deserve some gratitude as these demonstrations are amazing and could prove very useful in dangerous situations. Well done.

  46. Khushanand said:

    I would prefer to view a combat video. But still it’s a great site.

  47. Master B said:

    I am a Universal Ninja and Super Karate Warrior–Platinum Belt. I think the site is a lot funnier when all you black belts, shoguns, and kung fu/shao lin/judo/wu tang masters can’t spell or form a proper sentence to save your lives. Keep fighting and getting kicked in the head. Hopefully you will forget to reproduce.

  48. robbo said:

    my partner and i are currently looking into starting some form of martial arts. what would you sujest for a beginer?

  49. bruce lee said:

    yes, this is what i was trying to get across in my performances of this skillful art.

  50. KarateWanabe said:

    I want to learn karate, i’m only 14. I still don’t get how ppl can block punches at such a fast rate… well… I still can’t learn karate yet.. I recently had this surgery.. its been 6 months now, yet it still hurts whenever i stretch my arms… thats all for now.. cool site.. keep up the good work!

  51. Jaoli said:

    I’m a newbie at karate and learned the three stances and now onto the blocks. I’m learning entirely through books and my dad, who’s a purple belt. I can’t figure out how to do blocks though so fast, left arm down, up circular, then right arm up :P This is a great site though! Thanks a lot!

  52. Cortney Dunn said:

    I have never done karate before but I would love to learn.
    I hope to get great at it.

  53. Justin Buckner said:

    I’m a High school student at Roosevelt Senior high in DC. Karate looks like a good way to become mentally strong and well trained. I’ve seen movies containing karate moves, but that’s not why i want to learn. I’ve played lots of sports and i’m just looking for a new challange, someething to become committed to, hard work pays off, and i plan working hard in learning basic karate instrution. Thank you for your time and i look forward to your video or otherwise.

  54. khamphaxay said:

    pls send the lesson on karate to me , i would like to be ur membership

  55. Shi Ku Tai said:

    I tink dis site is guud

  56. Derek Mascarenhas said:

    I Think the website is a great tool-im a black belt (1st dan) and since i ceased training 5 years ago, i have lost touch-but this website is helping me get back on track-i do aggree that videos of the katas would help though

  57. Derek Mascarenhas said:

    Oh, and to all you higher dan black belts and “universal karate masters” who think you can do a better job, why don’t you-

    if you really knew the spirit of Karate, you would know that it is not about using your ability to show off or to perform dangerous moves/pick up fights for attention-your skills are a valuable asset to you-don’t flaunt it-cause at the end of the day,no one cares!!

    be of some help,dont put down the Sensi who’s taken initiative!

  58. Alexander Banks said:

    I’m back, after a long time, and I still think that learing a martial art through video is laughable. With regards to the last comment, I don’t study karate, I study Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, and know perfectly well the spirit of martial arts. Does anyone wonder why you don’t see a Ninjutsu student in a combat ring? Because the techniques are not to be shown of to people, they are only for use in the dojo as training, a way to understand the concepts of Taijutsu, which require the mind much more than they require the body, and the spirit again more. I train in a very small dojo (each session has between 4 and 10 students) which makes the learning more personal. You get to interact with the instructor on a 1-1 basis, and also with the other students. Martial arts dojos are a place to share the information you have learned from experience, and to ask questions. You are also shown where you are going wrong. This is a vital element that is missing from the video course.

    If it is not pointed out to you where you are going wrong, and you make mistakes in training, you are guaranteed to make the same mistakes in a real life situation, some thug come up to you, with, say, a bat, and you decide to use one of the techniques you have learned (I would run, there’s no shame in leaving a dangerous situation. I’d only ever fight to protect someone else, don’t know why, it’s just the way I am), when you suddenly realise that the technique you are in the process of using is incorrect, by this time it’s too late, and you’ve just taken a bat to the side of the head. OK, worst case scenario, but that’s what you need to train for. Train for the worst case, and you’ll be prepared for every other case.

    Since I wrote the last comment I have developed more as a person, I have found more important things than making degrading comments on other people’s websites, I can see that a lot of work has gone into making this site, but I still must point out that video lessons are not a very good way of learning a martial art. You need some kind of cheking system, to know that you are learning the techniques correctly. This website is nothing more to me than a showcase of how well the Sensei can perform the techniques himself, it’s a good way to see how a technique would look as performed by somone else, but I don’t believe it to be a good way of learning a technique that may someday save your life, or someone else’s.

    Your best bet if you want to learn Karate, or any other art, is to get out there with trained artists, learn from and with other people. I’m not by any means saying that you have to pay for tuition, most of the things I know have been taught to me by other artists outside the dojo, for example most of my Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu was taught to me by one of the assistant instructors at the dojo I train at, but I learned outside the dojo, and waasn’t charged for the tuition. So find someone capable of teaching who is willing to share his/her information with you, and get out there and learn some Martial Arts.

    The true spirit of martial arts is to learn from everything. When you can look at a new thing, and learn something from it, then you have mastered the meaning of learning. When you can fight someone as a friend, and learn from them, while at the same time allowing them to learn from you, you ohave mastered all there is to know about martial arts. Friends are the people you teach and learn from, and so a Sensei, if he/she is willing to learn from you in return, can be the closest friend you’ll ever have.

    Take care when training, don’t hurt yourself or your partners, and learn.
    Most importantly, have fun. This is the best way to remember what you have learned. Don’t make martial arts a chore for yourself.

    Alexander H Banks

  59. Micayla Presley said:

    personally, i don’t think books or movies can teach anybody something. i mean, we all make different kinds of mistakes and there is nobody there to point them out. but i do watch these for supplement to my martial art training, thanks!

  60. Katana said:

    This website is nice because as a beginer, I can review the moves we learned in class and see what the name of it was. I have trouble remembering the Japanese names so I find seeing it on the website is very helpful.

  61. Ashley said:

    I think this website is great could you please show some katas though?

  62. Garrett said:

    i think the videos are to hard to understand when it is just one guy standing there waving his arms around it would help if he had a partner so you can see what the moves do….

  63. Liza said:

    Can u show some basics!!! Plz

  64. mamey said:

    im a orange belt (2rd belt in the system including white)i do my blue belt test tommorow. you need to put some katas and/or keons in your videos im doing my test today and i need to know the 1st,2nd and 3rd kata and the 10th and the 9th keon i would love to see them explained here.

  65. Ankit Patel said:

    i am a Yellow Belt (GO-juru Karate), i have completed my yellow belt exam under sensei Rusiraj Jaiswal (J.M.S.I.),
    for to learn karate you have to do practice more and more…………..

  66. chao said:

    this sites help me alot..hehee~~

  67. Student said:

    ok all you people who say it crappy because this dosent teach you how ot kill people. Karate is for self-defense only and he cant put advanced teaching on here because who knows who will go off an abuse the lesson just to hurt people. The best defense is not to get hit at all. That is why he isnt going to teach higher level lessons, again ITS DENGEROUS!

  68. Basavaraj said:

    I Realy arpiciat for karate. I have very interest in karate
    I learn karate

  69. PTK said:

    I think this website is just great. Can you send me newsletters about self-defence and how to execute katas? U are just great.

  70. anonymous said:

    these are karate basics. Karate is not about kicking ppls ass with fancy moves like u see in movies.

  71. anonymous said:

    i also think this website is great but it would be better if you added some katas.

  72. anonymous said:

    for the people who think that a karate belt judjes your fighting skill, you are wrong. karate is in your heart, mind and spirit, not around your waist.

  73. syed imran lateef said:

    to become humam being from human needs to have at least one black belt

  74. justice said:

    hey, the side kick is wrong in my opinion. it is similiar to high round horse kick. correct me if i am wrong.

  75. leave a comment said:

    I am currently black belt 4th dan. The website really hits home the basics of karate.

  76. bruce li said:

    seems like everybody is kung fu fighting…. interesting

  77. tapish said:

    thank u 4 offering such a great website
    but e1 if i learn karate how i will be judged that for what belt i m suitable for.

  78. ranny said:

    i’ve never try karete before,but i will join karate next month,,how is it??can u tell me??

  79. sesso con cavalli said:

    pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)

  80. Josué said:

    Hi holmes I’m from CostaRica. I’m green bealt but I made the exam the lastt Tuesday and I pass to purple 2 i’m so happy congratulations for all my dojomates


  81. Mr. Chann said:

    It is very good that students can learn valuable moves online. Some of the best things I learned in karate were not from the dojo. Alot comes from what you get out there in the world and find yourself. Also, don’t let your “moves” get to your head. If you plan on going out into the business of karate, people frown down upon self-centeredness

  82. nono said:

    hey .. i just want 2 know if there is no anoter names for these kicks….coz there is a slight difference in the names i know…thnks!!

  83. asienwald said:

    i think your basic step by step karate very good.nice

  84. Sajeev Simon said:

    It is really a useful site. good one. I really appreciate you for sharing your ideas. Thank you very much.

  85. stephen wilson said:

    hi this site is great: im a yellow belt my self. i want to entr compitions how would i go on, can you email me plz on thanks s.wilson

  86. Ahamed Sadiq said:

    This site is very wonderful. I like it very much.

  87. Ahamed said:

    This site is cool and interesting.

  88. Joseph Rothwell said:

    Most of you need to realize that this site is simply a reference, not a learning tool. Also, it is performed by a trained karate instructor. And finally, a lot of you need to learn how to spell, where to capitalize letters and how to use punctuation.

    Justice, the kicks are pretty similar, but usually aim for different target areas; one is to aim high whilst the other aims lower. They also hit with different parts of the foot. However, you are right, the kicks do look rather similar, and do almost the same amount of damage to the opponent if used correctly (i.e. when you learn in a dojo with a trained karate instructor).

    Anyway, this site is useful, so thank you!

  89. NaJa said:

    This site is so informative!!!It’s quick, easy and loads of knowledge on technique from as simple as tieing the belt. Trust me, I strongly believe that it was a beautiful idea to have begun this website.

  90. lahcene said:

    salut mes amis les karatekas .

  91. iya said:

    …gREAT sport… i love the free tips…

  92. LaKi said:

    I`m with you…body and spirit…

  93. raeez said:

    the best sport for mind & soul

  94. AArman said:

    I m a begginer.. i seek this site for help.. and it has provided me more than enough stuffs to guide me through.. i am very much thankful to this site..

  95. killer i said:

    first of all i have to say i didnt learn karate yet,but lets keep a hope,i watched the videos man those are nice

  96. Levykauppa said:

    Yep. I hope someone will put some info here.

  97. Topics about Karate | - How to learn karate said:

    [...] The Chort placed an observative post today on – How to learn karateHere’s a quick excerptThis site is too cool.I loved the basic moves which the Sensei demonstrated.This … i think your basic step by step karate very good.nice [...]

  98. X×xþLÄÑTx×X said:


  99. X×xþLÄÑTx×X said:


  100. X×xþLÃÑTx×X said:


  101. rahul said:

    hai I want to learn karate but Ima only 13

  102. what the difference between kung fu and karate said:

    whats the difference beween kung f and karae i know kung fu is in animal staces and circuler moves and karate in o other stance and straight moves because i learn kung fu from the computer and u might think its funny because i do and i go to this karate club and all i want 2 know is to thing is there any jointlocks in karate and whats the difference between kung fu and karate??? because i dont know

  103. Mei said:

    Nice site for beginners like me! :)

  104. ravi said:

    i want to learn karate freely because i have no money

  105. meetch said:

    can i rip out someones heart with my bare hands

  106. Dragos said:

    I’m surprised your on the 7th dan and your grand ma is still alive . At what age did you start karate … -1 or is she like 110 years old ?

  107. lalala said:

    well not all kung fu is animal stances and circular moves. there are many styles of kung fu. for nistance, wing chun is very linear, and its definitely not an animal stance.

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  114. maryjo said:

    hi my name is maryjo and am a child and i wut to lern karate.i love maryjo

    K A R A t E

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    Check These Out

    [...]check below, are some totally unrelated websites to ours, however, they are most trustworthy sources that we use[...]

  116. sophie said:

    Does karate help back problems? if so what moves?

  117. tommy said:

    the karate is very good for kids.i like karate very much

  118. Stephen said:

    I am 21 years old.just i plan to learn will it possible to learn in this age.if yes what i have to start at the beginning?

  119. Stephen said:

    hi,I am 21 years old.just i plan to learn will it possible to learn in this age.if yes what i have to start at the beginning?

  120. lolboy said:

    this is sweet, i,mean after all i am only 11 yrs old. there’s a ‘bully’ in a sense, he bullies smaller people than him, not me cause were about the same size. should i do something from here on him?

  121. anjali said:

    I’m a white belt. I like to karate very much this site throught i can learn.

  122. POPO said:

    Karate is not for taking revenge or beating anybody.Indeed it is for maintaining peace and helping people and ourselves.


  123. meharan said:

    every guys who learnt are very cool because i learnt karate & i am now orange belt please give me your phone number in this website

  124. gangul said:

    I want to learn karate

  125. Karate said:

    Learn Karate Kata fast and with a lot of fun:

  126. Karate said:

    Learn Karate Kata fast and with a lot of fun:

  127. amin said:


  128. japanese ninja girl said:

    login plz

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