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Open hand middle side block (chudan shotei yoko uke)

Chudan Shotei Uke is an advanced technique for blocking both kicks and strikes to the middle area (chudan) of the body. In contrast to the standard Chudan Uke, the open hand is applied. This requires more accuracy but decreases the likelihood of damage to the blocking hand.

How to perform a open hand middle side block

To perform a Chudan Shotei Uke with the right hand: Start with your arm in the resting position with an open hand. Powerfully thrust your right hand across your body while at the same time moving your left hand to your side towards the resting position. Add power to the movement by rotating your hips (to the left when performing a right hand Shotei Uke).

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing open hand middle side block.

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Open hand middle side block: points to remember

  • If blocking a punch your block should move horizontally across your body and not in a downward movement. This lateral push on the attackers arm spins the attacker and exposes his back to your counter attack.
  • As with most blocks, Shotei Uke can be use as an attack. When blocking, a strike at your attackers elbow joint can cause severe damage that disables your attacker’s arm from further attacks.

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    The reason to practice the blocks on both sides is to make sure you are strong and can defend yourself from a potential attack from either side in a fight. If you continue to only block from one side, you will have some weakness which is something you want to limit as much as you can when fighting or developing your techniques. There is no way to be perfect, but you can at least train yourself for what might come or might not. Even though you may feel you have custom essay writing service the power and ability to block attacks from the other side without practice, understand that practice creates muscle memory. Without practicing you may not respond as quickly, which can land you in a great deal of trouble. Practice blocking on both sides will help to give you a more balanced defense technique rather than a defense technique with obvious flaws.