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Lower open hand block (gedan shotei uke)

Gedan Shotei Uke is an open-handed scooping block used to block kicks to the lower area of your body. Gedan Shotei Uke is mainly used to block kicks such as Mae Geri, Kin Geri and Yoko Geri.

Gedan Shotei Uke is a more advanced method of blocking that requires more accuracy and timing than Gedan barrai that uses the whole forearm.

How to perform a lower open hand block (gedan shotei uke)

From the resting position on your right side, bring your right open hand in a circular, scooping motion down and across your body, picking up the kicking leg on the calf of the attacker’s leg. The scooping motion finishes just past your center line. This technique can be applied to simply push the attacker’s leg out of the way using the palm heel or to trap the opponent’s leg for a counter attack.

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Lower open hand block (gedan shotei uke): points to remember

  • Lead the blocking motion with your palm heel and make contact with the calf area of the opponent’s leg. This reduces the chance of injury.

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