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Middle elbow strike (chudan hiji ate)

Chudan Hiji Ate is an elbow strike to the solar plexus but can also be aimed at under the chin. Elbow strikes can be very effective, especially at close range. There is little danger of injury because elbows are usually strong bones that require no special toughening to be used effectively.

How to perform a middle elbow strike (chudan hiji ate)

From your hand in the ready position near your hip bone, bring your elbow straight forward, with the fist ending up near your face, palm facing your head.

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing Middle Elbow Strike (Chudan Hiji Ate).

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Middle elbow strike (chudan hiji ate): points to remember

  • Use hip rotation to add power and speed to the strike.
  • Keep your fist close to your head while performing the strike to avoid scooping with the fist which can be easily blocked.
  • Grab your opponent and pull him into your elbow strike to make it more effective.

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