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Palm heel strike (shotei uchi)

Palm heel strikes can be every bit as effective as closed fist strikes, along with the added advantage of less risk of injury to the hand. Palm heel strikes are used to attack areas such as the solar plexus, nose, groin and head.

How to perform a palm heel strike (shotei uchi)

Begin with your hands tucked up under your arms in the ready position hands open with the fingers pointing upward and the heel of the palm forward, your thumbs tucked in and the wrist area tight. Thrust you palm towards your target, striking with the heel of the palm. Unlike other strikes such as Chudan Zuki there is no twisting of the arm with the palm heel strike.

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing Palm Heel Strike (Shotei Uchi).

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palm heel strike (shotei uchi): points to remember

  • Push the palm heel as far forward as you can while keeping the thumb tucked in.
  • Exhale as you strike and try to keep your elbows as inward as possible.
  • Hip rotation and a good stance will add power and speed to your strike.

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  1. David watson said:

    I do not think karate is practical enough in the street. It is too stiff to fit in with an untrained opponent. Compared to other much more practical martial arts like the two I practice ninjutsu and Jeet Kune Do, this is not good enough for in the streets. To me Karate has not adapted enough for todays street fighters.

  2. Jit said:

    Fear the hand! BAM! Yeah, I agree but most street fighters are sloppy and you learn ninjitsu? Cool!!!