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Palm heel strike to the head (jodan shotei uchi)

Palm heel strikes have the advantage of being safer in terms of injury risk to the hand, especially with strikes to the head. Some will argue that palm heel strikes are more effective than fist strikes because there no compressible joints and cartilage between the multitude of bones as there are in the hand. Instead, the direct force of the arm is applied to the target like an iron-bar, without any cushioning effect other than muscles of the palm heel itself.

How to perform a palm heel strike to the head (jodan shotei uchi)

With your thumbs tucked in and the wrist area tight, Thrust you palm towards your target, striking with the heel of the palm, with the fingers pointing upward and the heel of the palm forward. Unlike other strikes such as Chudan Zuki there is no twisting of the arm with the palm heel strike.

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing Palm Heel Strike to the head (Jodan Shotei Uchi).

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Palm heel strike to the head (jodan shotei uchi): points to remember

  • Push the palm heel as far forward as you can while keeping the thumb tucked in.
  • Exhale as you strike and try to keep your elbows as inward as possible (pointing downwards, not to side).
  • Hip rotation and a good stance will add power and speed to your strike.

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  1. Ray Long said:

    Please check out my website, this product will be out soon,and is great for working the palm heel & hand blade chop. It gives you that realistic feel for what its like to strike an attacker and help condition your hand weapons.Great for womens self-defense.