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Knee kick (hiza geri)

The knee kick (Hiza Geri) is a very powerful close quarter technique mainly used to attack the groin, stomach or head. It can also be done from the side to attack the ribs. Grabbing your opponent and pulling him into your knee kick makes the knee strike even more powerful.

How to perform a knee kick (hiza geri)

Usually performed with the rear leg, the kick should start from your heel by using your toes to push off, thus springing forward, forcing your knee at your opponent. The target can be the groin or the solar plexus. Against heavier opponents, pull yourself into the opponent, knee first. Opponents of similar or lesser weight can be pulled into the knee to make the technique more effective.

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing knee kick (hiza geri).

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Knee kick (hiza geri): points to remember

  • Your kicking leg must be behind the leg you are going to stand on to kick properly. If your legs are parallel and you perform the knee kick your knee will rise upward but not forward so your kick will not be as effective.
  • Point your toes downward when you do the kick.

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