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Back kick (ushiro geri)

The back kick (Ushiro Geri) is used to strike when being attacked from the rear. A variation of this is to spin around to attack an opponent in front of you with what is known as a spinning back kick.

How to perform a back kick (ushiro geri)

Begin by standing in a parallel stance feet shoulder width apart (Heiko Dachi). First look over your shoulder at your target, then thrust your heel towards your target as quickly and powerfully as you can. Your foot should be heel forward with your toes pointing downwards. The striking surface is the heel of your foot.

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing Back kick (Ushiro Geri).

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Back kick (ushiro geri): points to remember

  • Do not lift the knee before kicking. The kick should begin from the heel leaving the ground.
  • Make sure you look over your shoulder at your target.
  • Slightly bend the leg you are standing on to give you more support and balance while kicking.
  • Do not drop your hands while kicking and try not to lean forward too much.
  • Practice your back kick low before you attempt to aim higher.

6 comments about “Back kick (ushiro geri)”

  1. billy said:

    this is the bigest piece of shit bak kik iv ever seen in my life

  2. Brian said:

    lol hahaha billy,even though i don’t like to talk like that about other karatekas i understand where you are coming from. You guys should have did it from a fighting stance or front stance position, in a stepping motion.

    I aint seein much force in the pull back of the leg. Come on u guys are teachers, do it like you’re under exam or sumtin

  3. David Watson said:

    That I would not do in the street. I would rather turn around and fight. Besides once that person sees your foot come off the ground they are going to catch it or move ot of the way or something. Plus if I were going to do that I would not kick so high.

  4. Sanjay said:

    Useful demonstration. Thank you for going through the trouble to post this, sir!

    - Sanjay B.
    Ist Dan (USTF/ITF)

  5. Jit said:

    David, all he is doing is performing it not in a fight. In a fight he might’ve injured the opponent already then hit. He would find the right time to hit. Some of the karate techniques aren’t used right away/once you are challenged. You have to do them when there’s a good opportunity. But this particular kick does look a little useless.

  6. jj said:

    you stink david watson a back kick is fast so you can’t catch it! The back kick is the most lethal kick in karate

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