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Middle block, backfist (chudan ude uke uraken uchi)

Chudan Ude Uke Uraken Uchi is a closed-fist forearm block (Ude Uke) and counter attack against middle (Chudan) area strikes. After the block, a immediate counter attack is initiated with the same arm, performing a back fist strike (Uraken Uchi).

How to perform a Middle block, backfist (chudan ude uke uraken uchi)

With the right arm: Move your vertical forearm from the side across your chest, holding your arm near vertical, at an angle of about 90 degrees with respect to your arm. Lead this movement with your elbow. Simultaneously your other arm returns to the ready position tucked under left your shoulder. Upon impact with the opponents limb, complete the blocking motion by twisting your right forearm, causing the attack to “roll off” your arm. Immediately after completing the block, counter attack with an Uraken Uchi (back fist strike).

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing Middle Block, Backfist (Chudan Ude Uke Uraken Uchi).

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Middle block, backfist (chudan ude uke uraken uchi): points to remember

  • Lead the blow with your elbow.
  • Snap your wrist to gain extra speed and power in your Uraken uchi strike (see Uraken Uchi).

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