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Open hand block, rising punch (shotei uke age zuki)

Shotei Uke Age Zuki (open hand block, rising punch) is used to simultaneously block and counter attack a strike to the jodan or chudan area.

It can also be used to start an attack by knocking down the guarding arm of your opponent while delivering a powerful age zuki attack to under the chin (“uppercut”). A feature of this technique is that the attack that instantly follows the block is hidden from the view of the opponent, which makes the Shotei Uke/Age Zuki combination useful for both defensive and offensive attacks.

How to perform a open hand block, rising punch (shotei uke age zuki)

To perform a right-handed strike (left arm blocks, right arm strikes):

Bring the left arm forward and downward in a circular motion using an open palm heel block (Shotei Uke). Simultaneously strike with your right hand under the chin of your opponent (Ake Zuki), using a closed fist (ie. perform an upper cut punch).

You are now in the position to repeat this sequence by using the hand that just punched to now block and vice versa.

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing Open Hand Block, Rising Punch (Shotei Uke Age Zuki).

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Open hand block, rising punch (shotei uke age zuki): points to remember

  • To be most effective, perform the block and strike near-simultaneously.
  • The blocking motion should cover the center line of your body, starting high enough to cover your face.

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