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Hooking block, palmheel strike (hiki uke shotei uchi)

Hiki Uke Shotei Uchi is an open hand block and grab (Hiki Uke), followed by a palm heel counter attack (Shotei Uchi).

See the movies on how to perform Hiki Uke Block and Shotei Uchi strike to learn the techniques used in this partner exercise.

In this video the attacker moves forward in Zenkutsu Dachi and strikes with a right middle punch (Gyaku Zuki).

How to perform a Hooking block, palmheel strike (hiki uke shotei uchi)

Block the attackers punch with a right open hand block (Hiki Uke) after you have blocked grab his wrist and immediately pull him towards you as you counter attack with a left palm heel strike (Shotei Uchi) to his head.

The video clip shows Sensei Terry Lyon (5th Dan) performing Hooking Block, Palmheel Strike (Hiki Uke Shotei Uchi).

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Hooking block, palmheel strike (hiki uke shotei uchi): points to remember

  • If you block right arm to right arm and pull his arm downward, it becomes difficult for him to launch another counter attack.
  • Do not try to catch your opponent’s arm. You must block first and then grab his arm.
  • Make sure you get a good grip by getting your thumb and fingers tightly around his wrist. If you grab too far up his forearm you will not get a good grip. Slide your hand down to the wrist where his arm is not so large and you can get a better grip.
  • If the attack is fast and powerful, step to the side evasively while performing the block.

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